Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate

This certification, issued by the International Institute which for more than 15 years has represented the worldwide reference point for research and testing of ecological textiles, assures that during use Erreà products do not release harmful or toxic substances in quantities higher than the limits laid down by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which represents the highest ecological level in the world of textile products and associated accessories.

The certification assures that Erreà products passed the tests of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which include:
-research on azoic dyes
-research on carcinogenic and allergenic dyes
-release of formaldehyde
-research on chlorinated phenols
-research on benzenes and chlorine-organic toluene
-release of extractable heavy metals
-verification of colour solidity
-determination of the extracted water pH
-research on the composed organostannicis (TBT e DBT)

Product guarantees

Erreà constantly control every stage of the production process in order to guarantee the use of certified raw materials and the quality of the products.
- Fabrics comply with the provisions of the production set forth by law no. 194/1999 (implementation of Directive 96/74/EC).
- Fabrics are free from products containing formaldehyde and the presence of traces, if any, does not exceed the limits set forth by the Japanese regulation (Law 112 of 12/10/73). The molecules of formaldehyde can be absorbed when inhaled provoking irritation to the mucous membranes and the eyes, while cutaneous absorption provokes allergies and eczemas.
- The fabrics have not been submitted to chemical treatments with any substances cited in the laws of the European Ministry of Heath issued on 10/04/92 and the successive modifications thereof. During production of the fabrics, these chemical elements are not used because, as with the case of Aromatic Amines which produce a highly intense colour, they are toxic and carcinogenic.
- All Accessories are free of Nickel, proven to provoke allergies and eczema, as provided for in EU directive 76/769/CE and acknowledged in the legal decree on 21st March 2000 by Italian Ministry of Health.
- “Harmful Substances Test”: The dyes used for the dyeing of fabrics respect all the requirements of European legislation, are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II (products in direct contact with the skin) certified and do not contain azoic dyes.
- The dyes used during the dyeing process and printing do not release carcinogenic aromatic amines in respect of European law 2002/61 CE. The dyes used for colouring our fabrics respect the skin, preventing the allergies and intolerances which are usually caused by azoic dyes.

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